Joseph Urban: Unlocking An Art Deco Bedroom

Step inside an Art Deco bedroom at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Designed by modern artist Joseph Urban for a modern young woman, Elaine Wormser, this extraordinary space has many stories to unlock.

Overview of the replica of Elaine Wormser's bedroom, with her bed, ottomans, curtains, chairs and desk prominently featured.

Inside The Room

Elaine Wormser’s Art Deco bedroom was a place for her to rest, relax and become. Explore the museum’s collection of objects from this Joseph Urban-designed space, from the flowered carpet to the silvered ceiling.

Black and white portrait of the Wormser family.

Unlocking The Story

Meet the diverse cast of characters connected to the Wormser Bedroom’s story and learn about its time, place and style.

Documents with images of furniture, blueprints, and archival photos of the room laid out on a table.

Behind The Scenes

Years of research have gone into unlocking the story of the museum’s Art Deco bedroom, its nearly forgotten creator, and its patrons. The expertise and effort of many individuals has ensured the most accurate presentation. 


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Meghan Sullivan Nelson

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